Employee Pension Schemes (PPE)

Employee Pension Schemes (PPE) is a form of so-called III pillar of the social security system. Their essence is group saving organized and financed by employers for their employees. Law Office Wojewódka i Wspólnicy Sp. k. has unique experience on the market, several years of experience in designing and implementing pension plans and programs. We co-created several dozen PPE in all forms provided for by the Act on PPE, we organized employee pension companies and employee pension funds.

The Office’s help in the field of PPE may include:

  • assistance in choosing the type and construction of pension benefit rules (participation conditions, available funds);
  • assistance in selecting the managing entity looking for an entity that will meet the requirements of the employer and not the standard product available to everyone;
  • negotiations with the managing entity and conclusion of a contract securing proper employer’s interests, negotiations with trade unions or other groups of employees;
  • representation of the employer before the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) in the course of proceedings for inclusion of PPE in the register of programs;
  • preparation or giving opinions on communication materials regarding the implemented service, assistance in preparation and implementation of PPE administrative procedures;
  • conducting presentations for management boards, trade unions and employees or their selected groups about the benefits being implemented;
  • monitoring the performance of the service in the form of: periodic assessments of the functioning of the PPE, monitoring the activities of the management entity, assistance to the employer in the event of renegotiation of contracts making up (with the managing entity and employees), employer’s representation in proceedings before the KNF and during possible audits and administrative court proceedings;
  • current information about changes in the legal and tax environment;
  • representation in court proceedings related to PPE;
  • other specific needs of employers related to PPE.

In regards to issues related to the additional pension security, the Law Office of Wojewódka i Wspólnicy Sp.k. cooperates with the Pension Institute. As a result of effective cooperation, apart from work for clients, there were reports on pension issues, such as Employee Capital Plans – chance or mirage?, Selected legal aspects of Employee Capital Plans and 20 PPE vs. PPK views.